New Year, New Hobby

Visit the Saddlers Centre Ping Pong Parlour!

The Saddlers Ping Pong Parlour has seen hundreds of visitors, both young and old, enjoy playing, since it’s opening back in the summer last year.

The free to use, no booking needed ping pong parlour has all the equipment you need to just pop in and play.

It’s a fun activity and visitors of all ages and abilities have participated in a game or two with their family or friends on the professional tables located in the ping pong parlour.  There’re instructions on how to play and score located on the wall too!  So, there’s no excuse not to give it a go.

Open from 10am -5pm every day – pop in and try it for yourself.

Located opposite Costa on Park Mall.


Melvin Glasby, Centre Manager commented:

“We’re so pleased that the Parlour is getting so much use.  It’s been a great asset to the centre.  I think it’s down to table tennis being such an accessible sport with people of all ages and abilities able to play. There’s no age barrier to ping pong, anyone aged 3 to 100 can get involved!  What’s more it’s good for your health and mental wellbeing whilst bringing people together and generating lots of laughter!”


Ten reasons to try Ping Pong:

1 – It’s good for your health – Just 10 minutes play can be good for your health

2 –  It’s easy on the body – It’s a none-contact sport so you can play to your own capabilities

3 – Everyone can play – Table tennis is a truly inclusive sport and anyone can play irrespective of age, physical ability, or gender

4 – The generation game – There’s no age barrier to ping pong!

5 – You can play anywhere – parks, shopping centres, sports halls, village halls, office, or train station…

6 – You can play anytime  – Ping pong can be played all year round, inside or out! Have a game at lunch time or play all night!

7 – It’s good for your brain – It aids complex thinking and reduces depression, anxiety levels and stress

8 – It’s affordable –  You don’t have to spend a fortune to play.  Basic equipment is cheap but with Ping Pong Parlours you don’t need to buy anything and can play for free

9 – It’s sociable – it brings people together. Play with your friends or meet new people to play with

10 – It’s fun!  – Try it!  We guarantee that you will have a laugh or two!